Devon County Council has created some useful resources to help you identify the symptoms of coronavirus compared to a cold or seasonal flu and what action you need to take if your child or anyone in your household develops symptoms of coronavirus. You can find them on our website.

From the a Local Authority:

“It’s extremely important that anyone with coronavirus symptoms stays at home and gets tested to avoid the risk of spreading the virus to others, including the more vulnerable in our communities.

That means if your child, or anyone in your household, has any of the symptoms of coronavirus, no matter how mild, you must keep your child off school and self-isolate your whole household while the person with symptoms gets tested and waits for the results. Just the person with symptoms needs to get tested. If you don’t have symptoms, you don’t need to get tested unless you are asked to by a health professional, but you do need to self-isolate until your household member gets their results.”

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