Teignbridge Covid-19 Hardship Funders to help those in financial difficulties due to the coronovirus

18 May 2020 saw the launch of a £167,000 local hardship fund to support Teignbridge residents who cannot afford to pay for basic essentials due to the pandemic.

The Teignbridge COVID-19 Hardship Fund, in association with Devon County Council, will provide up to £200 to help with basic necessities such as food, household essentials, essential travel costs, utility payments etc.

Residents will be eligible if due to coronavirus:

 They run their own business, and cannot currently trade / their business has been drastically reduced because of the pandemic

 Their employment situation has changed and their income now no longer covers needs

 They have lost their job due to the COVID-19 outbreak

 They have still not received expected government funding (i.e. self-employed)

 They can demonstrate that they do not have accessible capital in excess of


 They have not received financial assistance from another source for the same


From 10.00 Monday applicants will be able to apply on line via the website or via the Coronavirus telephone hotline 01626 215512

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